About blissful journeys tours & travel

Blissful journeys tours travel, with its experienced guides and staff over the years, has provided travelers from all over India and Nepal with the best of Nepal’s unexplored kingdom. We work hard to meet the needs of travelers and make Nepal a better experience.

Blissful journeys tours travel is a licensed tour operator certified by the tourism council of Nepal, which specializes in a wide range of tour packages to suit the traveler’s interest.

In doing so, we provide our clients with high quality and comfortable vehicle with travel plans, highly trained and qualified drivers (driving), experienced and specialized personal guides, luxury resorts, boutique, and super standard hotels.

Without making it into the headlines of world news, the unknown kingdom of Nepal is just one of many experienced travelers on the list. Travelers are often surprised to find places like this before and close to a rich bio-diversity. We help travelers interested in rich culture, people and nature.

Our designed tour packages will take you through the histories of Nepal to the depths of the Bhutanese lifestyle. We make sure to provide the best travel experiences to the kingdom of happiness without compromising your comfort and travel quality.

Plan your trip with us!!!

Our team members are professional and experienced in their respective fields, and they have personally tried to guarantee a comfortable and competitive journey in Nepal.

Our customers at customer support provide excellent service to customers using their introduction.

Professional guides will serve our clients with their knowledge and expertise to suit our client’s needs and travel the entire journey with clients.
If you dream to come to Nepal, blissful journeys tours travel will make it come true. We are at your service.


• Providing high quality of service and quality of service
• Develop comprehensive travel products in the travel market both in and out of the country.
• Building and expanding relationships with hotel owners, airlines, tour operators and outsiders
• Creating a better understanding and collaboration with customers and partners.
• Customers ensure a loving and heartfelt service to our customers and partners.


• Respected and trusted by partners and customers to become the best leading travel company in Nepal.

Our values

• Customers our customers and partners are an extension of our families and we ensure their comfort, safety, and happiness
• Employees provide our employees with a safe and pleasant working environment in which they can grow professionally and are valued for their contributions
• Work for sustainable business and serve the poor.

Why choose us

Nepal has a large number of tourists who want to guide and serve you throughout your journey. Everyone has their strong opinion to tell you, but we will tell you what we do is relatively different. We would love for our guests to travel with us again, to miss the sweet memories during their trip to Nepal and to share with their friends about the wonderful time they had in Nepal.

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1.  Professional and profile

We have carefully planned and refined what we spend countless hours completing a trip to make it comfortable for our guests. We do not want our guests to be confused, lost, and unorganized. We want our guests to be fully comfortable with their tour blissful journeys tours & travel.

2. Quality of service

We believe in heartfelt service, treat all our guests as one family, and offer our service wholeheartedly. We make sure all of our guests are happy, excited and memories when traveling with us. Our colleague has the true gift of friendly and honest service.

3. Flexibility

We value and feel the precious time and joy of our guests. We do not have time to serve you.
Be smart and choose the best

Responsible travel

Blissful journeys tours & travel dedicates us to social and environmental responsibility from our office to all areas covered in our travel and daily activities. Our mission to be responsible for our community and the environment is aligned with the mission of blissful journeys value and the nation of total national happiness. Our team fosters our environment by managing waste, utilizing resources and influencing people with best practices of social responsibility.

We aim to address our natural resources and keep the environment clean.
Green journey

Nepal has created stability in its national identity and we are helping to uphold this identity.

A small Himalayan kingdom of Nepal has been confirmed not only carbon neutral but also carbon negative. Despite the growing number of tourists, the country has maintained its carbon negative. One of the ways foreigners can contribute to the country’s security efforts is by visiting Nepal. $ 65 is included in the daily sustainable development fee from the tariff set by the tourism council of Nepal, and it funds education, health care, and poverty alleviation.

Blissful journeys tours travel ensures that the covered areas are not scattered. Non-decomposed waste taken on tours and treks is crushed, collected by members and delivered to the local waste management system.

Sightseeing sites, road trips, and stops: we try to clean it up, anywhere and everywhere we travel.
Help them stay green

As the country evolves, more waste will be generated and more visitors will come. If each of us, be vigilant and take care of our own waste, your contribution will help Nepal foliage. Every trash you pick up, clean up the environment a little.